Academic Confidence - A ball knocks down some cans

Every Student Needs Academic Confidence

There are few people who have the nerve to endure high-pressure situations without cracking. In sports, uncrackable players are called “clutch.” In the classroom, they’re often called “smart.” But intelligence doesn’t really explain a student’s immunity to nerves. Students who can handle those high-pressure situations have academic confidence. Intelligence is a measure of knowledge, not [...]

Transcript from our interview with Maggie Jay

A little while back, we interviewed Maggie Jay and shared her insights about confidence here. What follows is the entire transcribed text of our talk with her. When you see "D," you can know that friend of Ferguson Tutoring, Daniel Taylor, is talking. When you see "M," that's all Maggie. Enjoy!   D: Hey Maggie, [...]
Frustrated student with her head in her hands. She needs some pre-mortem planning!

How to Stop Stressing During Tests

Thousands of years of evolution have taught your body to react quickly to danger. In an instance, your heart rate gets elevated and other parts of your body (like your digestive system) get turned off. This is good news if you need to run from a lion. It’s bad news if you’re stuck on the [...]

Meet Raphy

Raphy Gendler is a recent alumnus of St. Louis Park High School. He has two younger sisters, and has put together a very successful high school academic career. In addition to performing well in class, he also wrote for the school newspaper, something he hopes to continue doing in college. In his free time, Raphy […]