[Press Release] Resiliency at St. Louis Park

What happens when excited students want free resiliency lessons? [Press Release]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Suzanne Ferguson Ferguson Tutoring 952-525-2245 suzy@fergusontutoring.com   WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EXCITED STUDENTS WANT FREE RESILIENCY LESSONS? Ferguson Tutoring’s in-class outreach at SLP teaches GT students failure resiliency.   Minnetonka, MN: On October 24, local tutor Suzy Ferguson will be guest speaking about failure resiliency to two classes of students from St. Louis [...]
Preventable Tragedy at Las Vegas.

The Preventable Nightmare in Las Vegas

One week ago, in a national catastrophe that captured the attention of people all over the world, the Twin Cities lost one of its own. We won’t flood you with pictures of his family or feed the gruesome lust for gory details. We’ll just say this: It was preventable. As an educator, I value diverse [...]
Why confidence works and how to get more of it

Why Confidence Works, And How to Get More of It

We’ve been talking a lot about confidence lately and, for the most part, we’ve been taking for granted that you knew what we meant. Right now, we want to be clear: When we talk about confidence, we’re talking about a deep trust in one’s own abilities. It doesn’t stem from your ego. Confidence is an [...]