Resilience: man stands atop of a mountain

Resilience Is an Unnatural Skill for GT Students

The Campaign for Confidence is winding down and we’re moving our focus onto another important skill: resilience. If confidence is getting into the saddle, then resilience is climbing back in after a fall. Many people use tough and resilient interchangeably, but for me they aren’t synonyms. Toughness is the ability to endure pain or discomfort, [...]
World without jobs

How to Work in a World Without Jobs

Jobs Are Changing As a young person, it’s easy to feel like things are always changing. You attend a new school every few years, responsibility and privilege are being thrust upon you (hello, driver’s license), and education will soon stop being your primary focus. With all these changes happening in your personal life, it can [...]
Free College - Will it do the trick?

Free College Tuition May Not Be Good Enough

When Bernie Sanders dropped from the 2016 presidential race, much of the chatter over free college disappeared, but since Americans are falling further behind on their student loan debt, there’s no doubt the issue will surge into the spotlight again soon. In the following paragraphs we take a shallow dive into the debate and come [...]
Text and headshots - Tutor turns tables by training teachers

Tutor Turns Tables by Training Teachers [Press Release]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Suzanne Ferguson Ferguson Tutoring 952-525-2245   TUTOR TURNS TABLES BY TRAINING TEACHERS Local tutor visits high school for staff and curriculum enrichment UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled to December 12, 2017. Northfield, MN: The roles will be reversed for Northfield High School teachers when they sit down as students for […]