We build confidence by giving each student the tools they need to perform under pressure.

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ACT Prep Slide

What if there was an ACT prep program out there that taught you how to prepare for and practice academic performance under stress? How to study in such a way that you actually process the information more effectively and efficiently? All that time spent on ACT Prep would give you skills you could use for years to come.

– Suzy Ferguson, Founder and Lead Tutor

ACT Small Group Class

We offer an academically rigorous ACT Curriculum that shows each student how to prepare for the exam.  Our most popular class, ACT Small Group: Classic, has a student teacher ratio of 12:1.

We also offer an ACT Small Group Intensive course on an as needed basis.  This class is geared towards the high achieving student and moves at a much faster pace.

Not sure when to start? Or why we are different? Visit an ACT Info Night to find out more.

Individual Tutoring

Individual ACT Prep allows the student to work at their own pace and on their own timeline to cover the entire Ferguson Tutoring ACT Curriculum.

Our curriculum follows our tutoring philosophy, which builds student confidence and prepares them for performance in standardized testing situations.

Before beginning our Individual ACT Prep program, we require students to schedule a One-on-One Consultation to discuss goals, high school coursework, and past preparation.

We Build Confidence…

I knew when I was running out of time on something. I also had experienced certain testing situations during tutoring, so I knew what was happening and knew how to handle it. Being able to get through spots like that made me much more confident.”

– Maggie Jay, Eden Prairie class of 2018

Time to Prep

Whether you decide that a class or individual tutoring is the right choice for you, Ferguson Tutoring will provide you the same curriculum to develop confidence and prepare you for the ACT.

We know how valuable your time and money are, so we focus on the process so you can do the preparation on your own.

Student Success

  • 50% of our students increase their score by 4 points or more
  • 27% of our students increase their score by 6 points or more
  • 43% of our students score a 32 or higher

We’re so confident that our students will increase their score that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Prep for 2 Tests

To build our students’ confidence, we prepare them to take two official ACT tests.

FIRST TEST: Develop comfort with content and build precision

SECOND TEST: Fine tune consistency, speed, and stamina

We support our students every step of the way with personalized study plans.