100% Money-Back Guarantee for ACT Prep

Full Refund:

While each student is different, we feel that every student enrolled in our ACT small-group classes can and should expect to achieve significant gains. To this end, we provide a money-back guarantee​ on our ACT preparation services with the following conditions:

  1. The student must have a signed Guarantee.
    • This includes and requires a signed Registration form
    • The Guarantee requires listing a Starting Score. Starting score is typically the Diagnostic score from Session 1, however if an official ACT score report if it is provided to Ferguson Tutoring before class begins.
  2. The student must adequately make up​ any missed classes or sessions—please see below for details.
  3. The student must complete all assigned homework​ for the course.
  4. The student must attend all proctored exams​.

If all of these conditions are met and the student’s composite score does not improve from the benchmark score obtained at the beginning of the class, the student may claim a full refund.

Class Repeat:

While our money-back guarantee applies only to students whose composite score does not improve from the benchmark obtained at the beginning of the ACT small-group class, we recognize that some students may see some gains and still be unsatisfied at the conclusion of the course. We therefore offer all students who have completed one of our ACT small-group courses the opportunity to audit or re-take any future ACT class at Ferguson Tutoring free of charge.