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There are 3 reasons you need to see us at ACT Info Night

Our ACT Info Nights are the best opportunity for parents to learn about our style and see what makes us different from the rest. It’s casual and informative.

Most importantly, it invites parents to see what their students are doing to prepare for the ACT. Teenagers aren’t always forthcoming with details, so Info Night brings parents back into the fold.

1. Learn why the Whole Student Approach increases test scores

We spend lots of time talking about how our philosophy affects our students.

Info Night gives Suzy an opportunity to explain the importance of confidence, resilience, and positivity. After hearing her talk, you’ll understand that these characteristics aren’t just abstract concepts relating to psychological health. They are factors proven to have a clear, concrete impact on test scores.

2. Snag rare one-on-one time with Suzy

Suzy works over 60 hours per week to make sure that all of our students get the attention they need. That makes it hard for potential clients to catch her in a free moment.

But on Info Night, she makes time to sit down one-on-one with parents who have questions.

Show up when the doors open at 6:30 and you can register for a sit-down appointment with Suzy after the information session!

3. Leave with a complete game plan for your student

Junior and senior year of high school are busy, busy, busy. Even the most capable students get overwhelmed. A plan is essential.

At Info Night, we lay out the general schedule for ACT prep and provide solutions for specific problems that students face.

Math trouble. Difficulty with pacing. Poor study habits. These problems, and more, can be addressed – if you have the right game plan.

We’re taking a break!

ACT Info Night is on sabbatical!

But don’t despair — you can still get all the info you need by contacting us. We look forward to talking to you!

Our ACT Curriculum is based on a blend of academic review and precision, unique Ferguson Tutoring methods, and attention to a Preparation for Performance. By applying our Whole Student Philosophy to our unique curriculum, we increase scores and confidence in a way no other prep company can.

Preparing Confident Students

“I knew when I was running out of time on something. I also had experienced certain testing situations during tutoring, so I knew what was happening and knew how to handle it. Being able to get through spots like that made me much more confident.”

Maggie Jay, Eden Prairie class of 2018