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For 3rd Year in a Row, ACT Leaves Disadvantaged Students Behind

The ACT’s failure to update materials misleads all high schoolers, and harms economically disadvantaged students outright. “Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is a great equalizer of the conditions of men,—the balance wheel of the social machinery.” Horace Mann   Nowadays, American universities carry the torch of equality for our youth. Women, […]

Boxer raises hand in victory after a perfect performance.

This Year, Learn How to Perform Perfectly

The excitement of the Super Bowl has come and gone, but I'm still thinking about the last Vikings game of the season. They went into the NFC Championship coming off a come-from-behind, last-second touchdown win. They were 3-point favorites while playing at an opponent’s stadium, and that opponent was leaning on their backup quarterback. Most [...]
Is college worth it?

Is College Worth It? Reevaluating This No-Brainer

If you’re in the education industry, you might have noticed a trend recently. More and more, the sacred pursuit of a college education is being called into question. Young people everywhere are asking “is college worth it?”  And they’re not the only ones. Adults, too, are questioning the value of a college education. From CNBC [...]
Resilience: man stands atop of a mountain

Resilience Is an Unnatural Skill for GT Students

The Campaign for Confidence is winding down and we’re moving our focus onto another important skill: resilience. If confidence is getting into the saddle, then resilience is climbing back in after a fall. Many people use tough and resilient interchangeably, but for me they aren’t synonyms. Toughness is the ability to endure pain or discomfort, [...]
Free College - Will it do the trick?

Free College Tuition May Not Be Good Enough

When Bernie Sanders dropped from the 2016 presidential race, much of the chatter over free college disappeared, but since Americans are falling further behind on their student loan debt, there’s no doubt the issue will surge into the spotlight again soon. In the following paragraphs we take a shallow dive into the debate and come [...]

How to Make “Math People”

A few weeks ago, we shared a New York Times article on our social media channels (you are following us on Twitter and Facebook, aren’t you?) called “No Such Thing as a Math Person.” That’s something we have strong opinions about. In fact, we wrote a related article of our own last year. Here’s what […]

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Starting Today: Test Better. Learn Better.

  Although two-thirds of voters report that education is a “very important” issue to them, there is little agreement as to how it should be implemented, or even what its purpose should be. Still, one thing is clear: today’s educational environment requires you to be a good tester. Thanks to the No Child Left Behind […]

Not a Math Person? Read This A.S.AP.

So you’re not a math person. We understand. When people start talking numbers, you quickly get confused. Before you know it, you find yourself muttering that common phrase, “Sorry, I’m not a math person.” Well, have a seat because this is an intervention. Don’t worry – you’re in a safe place. We’re all friends here […]