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For 3rd Year in a Row, ACT Leaves Disadvantaged Students Behind

The ACT’s failure to update materials misleads all high schoolers, and harms economically disadvantaged students outright. “Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is a great equalizer of the conditions of men,—the balance wheel of the social machinery.” Horace Mann   Nowadays, American universities carry the torch of equality for our youth. Women, […]

SAT vs. ACT – Which is Right for Me?

SAT vs ACT: Which is Right for Me? More Unites Us During the second half of a student’s high school career, there is much emphasis placed on college prep and selection. Part of this process includes SAT and/or ACT testing. But which test is best for you? The answer, unfortunately, is “it depends.” There are […]

Ferguson Tutoring Debuts Game Changing ACT Prep

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kate Van Horne Phone: (952) 525-2245 Email:   FERGUSON TUTORING BEGINS PARTNERSHIP WITH MINNETONKA COMMUNITY ED This new relationship allows Ferguson Tutoring to bring their innovative ACT Prep directly to students.   Ferguson Tutoring, a local firm shown to boost ACT scores, has partnered with Minnetonka Community Education, an organization [...]
Text and headshots - Tutor turns tables by training teachers

Tutor Turns Tables by Training Teachers [Press Release]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Suzanne Ferguson Ferguson Tutoring 952-525-2245   TUTOR TURNS TABLES BY TRAINING TEACHERS Local tutor visits high school for staff and curriculum enrichment UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled to December 12, 2017. Northfield, MN: The roles will be reversed for Northfield High School teachers when they sit down as students for […]

Academic Confidence - A ball knocks down some cans

Every Student Needs Academic Confidence

There are few people who have the nerve to endure high-pressure situations without cracking. In sports, uncrackable players are called “clutch.” In the classroom, they’re often called “smart.” But intelligence doesn’t really explain a student’s immunity to nerves. Students who can handle those high-pressure situations have academic confidence. Intelligence is a measure of knowledge, not [...]

Meet Raphy

Raphy Gendler is a recent alumnus of St. Louis Park High School. He has two younger sisters, and has put together a very successful high school academic career. In addition to performing well in class, he also wrote for the school newspaper, something he hopes to continue doing in college. In his free time, Raphy […]