Ferguson Tutoring is a small company with a big impact on the lives of students in the Twin Cities region. In fifteen years, we have seen hundreds of our students go on to succeed in college and careers.

Ferguson Tutoring math science English ACT tutors

Many students come to us after falling short of their own expectations. The reasons are numerous:

The teacher moves too fast.

I just don’t get math. I’m dumb.

In reality, they just lacked certain tools.

We are committed to equipping our students with all the tools in the toolbox to ensure that they get where they need to go.  Whether they come to us for math, science, English or college test prep,  by using our Whole Student Approach, we go beyond flashcards and worksheets to equip our students with the skills they need to become better learners.

Because our approach emphasizes communication, introspection, and individuality, there’s no student who cannot benefit. Whether your child makes straight A’s or struggles on every test, we can provide new insights, new techniques, and new strategies that will reveal the avid learner hiding inside.

Around here, you’re as likely to hear talk of integrals and inertia as anything else. Our tutors are smart and patient subject matter experts who really enjoy the material they teach. The only thing they find more exciting is watching the light bulb go on in the eyes of their students.

The problem for most students is not that they don’t work hard enough. It’s not a question of intelligence either. The problem for most students is simply that they don’t know how to learn. Above all, Ferguson Tutoring teaches students how to learn.

Invite Suzy to bring her energy, insights, and educational philosophy to your next teacher training, conference, or student event.

Amy Adams Martin

Minnehaha Academy Parent

My daughter has been working with Suzy Ferguson on and off for three years.  Suzy has provided enrichment for my daughter when she needed it, preparation for college entrance exams, wise counsel in academic affairs and encouragement in her myriad academic endeavors.  Suzy is smart, connected with people in our community, an ally when making academic choices, skilled at helping students perform at their peak level,  and ultimately very invested in the students she works with.  When Suzy saw my daughter's score for a college entrance exam she was so proud, so encouraging and so enthused.  She is authentically invested in my daughter.  These are the kind of adults that I want pouring into my kids - adults that are smart, connected, invested and authentically caring about their success.


Sue Luse – College Expert

College Expert - https://www.collegeexpertmn.com/

Suzy Ferguson is an experienced and professional ACT tutor that helps students reach their goal. I am delighted how fast she responds to my requests for tutors and gets our students on track.