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We are a small tutoring company with a big impact on the lives of students in the Twin Cities region. In fifteen years, we have seen hundreds of our students go on to succeed in college and careers.

Over the years, we have had many students come to us after falling short of their own expectations. The reasons are numerous.

The teacher moves too fast. I just don’t get math. I’m dumb.

In reality, they just lacked certain tools.

Ferguson Tutoring is committed to equipping our students with all the tools in the toolbox to ensure that they get where they need to go. Using our Whole Student Approach, we go beyond flashcards and worksheets to equip students with the skills they need to become better learners.

Because our approach emphasizes communication, introspection, and individuality, there’s no student who cannot benefit. Whether your child makes straight A’s or struggles on every test, we can provide new insights, new techniques, and new strategies that will reveal the avid learner hiding inside.

Our Tutors

Around here, you’re as likely to hear talk of integrals and inertia as anything else. Our tutors are smart and patient subject-matter experts who really enjoy the material they teach. The only thing they find more exciting is watching the lightbulb go on in the eyes of their students.

Suzanne Ferguson

Suzanne Ferguson

Founder and Lead Tutor
Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler

Senior Tutor
Michael Haynes

Michael Haynes

Senior Tutor
Angela Hoialmen

Angela Hoialmen

Senior Tutor
Sydney Kepler

Sydney Kepler

Associate Tutor


Amy Adams Martin

Minnehaha Academy Parent

My daughter has been working with Suzy Ferguson on and off for three years.  Suzy has provided enrichment for my daughter when she needed it, preparation for college entrance exams, wise counsel in academic affairs and encouragement in her myriad academic endeavors.  Suzy is smart, connected with people in our community, an ally when making academic choices, skilled at helping students perform at their peak level,  and ultimately very invested in the students she works with.  When Suzy saw my daughter's score for a college entrance exam she was so proud, so encouraging and so enthused.  She is authentically invested in my daughter.  These are the kind of adults that I want pouring into my kids - adults that are smart, connected, invested and authentically caring about their success.


Sue Luse – College Expert

College Expert - https://www.collegeexpertmn.com/

Suzy Ferguson is an experienced and professional ACT tutor that helps students reach their goal. I am delighted how fast she responds to my requests for tutors and gets our students on track.

Jesse Schwartz

St. Louis Park, class of 2017

My ACT score went up 6 points after going through the ACT program. It made the schools I actually wanted to apply to seem easy and my reach schools not too far away. The program taught me other valuable skills for test taking that I continue to use outside of just the ACT.

Amy Knox

parent, St. Paul Academy

My son was struggling in math but was very resistant to seeing a tutor. Suzy created immediate rapport with him. She was able to help him understand the math concepts and gain confidence.

Carol H.

parent, St. Paul Central High School

Great news! Sofie checked her ACT results this afternoon. She got a 35!

Amy Knox

parent, St. Paul Academy

My daughter says of Suzy that she is able to explain concepts in multiple ways to make them understandable. Suzy is patient, easy going, clear in her communication and kind.

Chelsea Zimmerman

former Southwest High School student

Suzy teaches calculus in a way that I can understand, by hacking through complicated equations in order to give me a shortened, easier way to understand the main concepts. Once I understand what I am solving, we analyze the complicated equations. Suzy teaches math with patience and clarity; math has never been so painless!

Becky Palmer

former Southwest High School parent

I whole-heartedly recommend Suzanne Ferguson for math tutoring. My daughter looks forward to the tutoring each week. The tutoring has made a huge difference in her level of understanding math. Suzanne is reliable, knowledgeable and very effective in focusing on key concepts that has resulted in a measurable improvement in her math grades.

Katie Kennedy

former University of Minnesota student

Suzy has been a wonderful tutor for me. She took all of the complicated calculus and broke it down into little pieces that I could understand. We worked at a pace that was tailored for me, and she always made sure I understood the concept completely before moving on. Suzy is a great tutor!

Anna Zagaria

former Minnehaha Academy student

AP Calculus was a struggle from the start. Suzy took me step by step through everything and I was caught up in no time! Suzy knows tricks and short cuts and she is really good at explaining concepts. She taught me how to make study notes for each test, which I will keep to study for the AP test; she is helping me get prepared! I look forward to our tutoring sessions because she is so patient and kind and she never makes me feel stupid. At the end of this semester my grade was an “A”. Suzy has been such a help and encouragement!

Tim and Gay Dubbs

former St. Thomas Academy parents

We appreciate Suzy’s conscientious and thorough approach to tutoring our sons in math. She is able to vary her approach based on their age and readiness leve

Susan Besser

former Minnehaha Academy parent

An update on Taylor - she is double majoring in Economics and MATH! She was not going to let math get the best of her and was determined to conquer it. Your influence definitely gave her the confidence that she could do that.