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  • Location::Ferguson Tutoring Minnetonka
  • Date::Saturday, August 19, 2017
  • Time::2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Price 150

Get Ready! Prepare for AP Calculus

Suzanne Ferguson Summer 2017

In this 3-hour AP Calculus preparation, students will

Review key concepts from algebra 2 and precalculus that are essential for calculus success.  The pace of this class assumes that students have already learned this material.  Students will create a reference sheet of formulas and key concepts (especially trigonometry!) to take in to AP Calculus.  This class includes but is not limited to a review of:

  • trigonometry (a full review.  Some schools de-emphasize trigonometry in calculus however the AP Calculus AB curriculum assumes a strong comfort with trig, and any student intending to go on to AP Calculus BC needs to be very comfortable with trig formulas and manipulating them.)
  •  functions including comfort with graphing and translations and solving equations both graphically and algebraically
  • logs and exponents (remember negative fractional exponents? you’ll need to!) including growth and decay word problems

Students will also get excited for calculus with the lesson that pulls it all together!  We’ll learn about the Greeks, Newton, Hooke, Leibniz, and Riemann; discover the questions prompted them each to discover their portion calculus and put it all into perspective chronologically; and tie it all together by giving you a structural overview of you class-to-come and how all the little bits you’re about to learn fit together INCLUDING a run-down on the LANGUAGE and NOTATION of calculus — essential for picking apart any question you’re given.