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Ferguson Tutoring Debuts Game Changing ACT Prep


Contact: Kate Van Horne

Phone: (952) 525-2245




This new relationship allows Ferguson Tutoring to bring their innovative ACT Prep directly to students.


Ferguson Tutoring, a local firm shown to boost ACT scores, has partnered with Minnetonka Community Education, an organization committed to lifelong learning for local citizens. Their partnership kicks off with a discounted ACT Prep class at Minnetonka High School.


  • This course is Ferguson Tutoring’s first at Minnetonka High School
  • It begins Oct. 22, in preparation for the Dec. 8 ACT exam
  • Each student receives 22 hours of classroom instruction, a personal study plan, and three proctored tests at a $100 discount


While MCE has held ACT tutoring in the past, this partnership gives Minnetonka students an opportunity not previously available. The six-week course is held after school, on-site at Minnetonka High School. Ferguson Tutoring credits MCE with securing the favorable location.


“We’ve been helping Minnetonka families find success and comfort in this process for years and are excited to now bring Ferguson Tutoring to the community-at-large,” says Suzy Ferguson, Ferguson Tutoring’s owner and lead tutor.


For ten years, Ferguson has merged academics with emotional tutoring. And her process seems to be catching on.


Nationwide, the evidence in support of her strategy is mounting. From Stanford University to New York City, professionals agree: it’s time to abandon “traditional” math studies in favor of a more holistic approach. That’s why Ferguson’s tutors spend much of their time identifying strengths and boosting student confidence. Only later are new tactics introduced.


This approach explains why 61% of their students increase their ACT scores by 3+ points. Students who start the class with scores of 24 or lower average five point gains!


Environment influences performance too, so Ferguson Tutoring guarantees small class size, 1-on-1 instruction, academic rigor, and three proctored practice exams for all Minnetonka attendees.

Ferguson Tutoring is a small tutoring company with a big impact on the lives of students in the Twin Cities. In fifteen years, they have seen hundreds of their students go on to succeed in college and careers.