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Making Math Easy by Focusing on Students

At Ferguson Tutoring, we believe that everyone can handle mathematics. If you’re fond of saying “I’m not a math person,” then what you really need is a new style of learning. We help underachieving students overcome fear, anxiety, doubt, and confusion with “whole student” tutoring that targets each student’s unique learning strengths.

Mathematics is the lifeblood of engineering, the hard sciences, economics, technology, and even politics. Without a solid footing, students limit their potential in hundreds of areas, keeping them uninformed and hurting their career prospects.

Our tutors are trained in all common math disciplines and tutor students at and above Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) levels.

Algebra and Algebra 2
Much more!

AP Calculus was a struggle from the start, [but] Suzy knows tricks and shortcuts and is really good at explaining concepts. I look forward to our sessions because she is so patient and kind and never made me feel stupid.” At the end of the semester, my grade was an ‘A’!”

– Anna Zagaria, former Minnehaha Academy student

In a seemingly black-and-white field like mathematics, confidence is key. When working through tough math problems, you need to be able to run into walls every now and again without feeling like you want to give up. We establish confidence by starting small, highlighting every success, and building on what works. Every student learns how to learn, according to his own skill set.

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