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[Press Release] Resiliency at St. Louis Park

What happens when excited students want free resiliency lessons? [Press Release]


Suzanne Ferguson

Ferguson Tutoring




Ferguson Tutoring’s in-class outreach at SLP teaches GT students failure resiliency.


Minnetonka, MN: On October 24, local tutor Suzy Ferguson will be guest speaking about failure resiliency to two classes of students from St. Louis Park’s Gifted/Talented program.

It’s not every day that students request extra lessons, but the gifted and talented students of St. Louis Park are something special. When they want free resiliency lessons, they get them.

It started when two students heard Suzy Ferguson’s off-the-cuff rant about resiliency. Her insights were so striking that the pair shared them with their G/T program manager, Mary Norris, who then invited Suzy to speak in class.

“Suzy will be addressing the need for G/T students to develop skills needed for failure resiliency,” Norris said. “Suzy is uniquely qualified to address this issue given her specific skill set as an exam prep instructor.”

Going directly to the classroom is new for Suzy, but it allows her to spread the gospel of resiliency to the students who need it most. After all, failure resiliency is a trait many gifted and talented students lack. Because they experience so much success, these top performers rarely develop the ability to deal with failure and anxiety.

“It’s the perfectionism of a gifted and talented student,” Suzy explains.

“These kids want to talk about how to move through the letdown of college applications, team assignments, not being able to participate in all the activities they want to, parental and personal expectations, and grades, grades, grades! I will teach them how to find perspective and balance without sacrificing ambition or dreams.”

This event is closed to the public. To learn more, call 952-525-2245, or visit


About Suzy Ferguson: Suzy owns Ferguson Tutoring, a local business specializing in math, science, and test prep tutoring. By teaching confidence alongside academic strength, Ferguson Tutoring has helped over 800 Twin Cities students improve their GPAs and ACT scores.



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