Suzanne Ferguson: Founder and Lead Tutor

For 20 years Suzanne Ferguson has shared her love of math. Her background is equal parts theoretical mathematics and education. As a result, she is a total-package tutor, teacher, and mentor.

Much of Suzanne’s learning has focused on math. As a student of the University of Minnesota’s Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) and also of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, she spent much of her time diving into the complexities of higher-level mathematics. She is a supremely confident mathematician, but knows that not all students enjoy math or pick it up as easily as she did. That’s why her teaching background is so relevant.

Having taught and tutored both secondary and post-secondary courses, including every variant of Calculus, Suzanne is more than just an egghead for numbers. She has firsthand experience on both sides of the learning process. Her insights into education reveal the importance of patience and experience.

She has knowledge and the tools to share it. Using these two fields of expertise, Suzanne has repeatedly created successful student plans for improvement. Nowadays, she continues to offer total-package tutoring and trains her staff on how to do so as well.

In 2016 she brought her charismatic personality and vast experience to the stage to speak to over 200 parents and students at Chanhassen High School. Ever since, she has been speaking to families about the importance of balanced academic preparation including skills, knowledge, and introspection.

Our Tutors

Christopher Tyler, PhD - Senior Tutor

Chris Tyler has worked for a local food company as a chemical engineer since 2004, after having received his PhD from the University of Minnesota. He is the father of four children who have attended neighborhood and charter schools as well as home school and have various special education needs. He believes in adapting teaching style and pace to the individual. He is an avid lover of board and card games of almost all kinds, although he really doesn’t like Killer Bunnies.

Chris has tutored with Ferguson Tutoring since 2012. He tutors math from algebra to calculus, physics, chemistry, biology and statistics.

Dr. Chris Tyler
Michael Haynes

Michael Haynes: Senior Tutor

Michael is currently on a leave while attending graduate school for physics at Colorado State Ft. Collins. Past students of Michael’s requesting tutoring can contact Ferguson Tutoring as possible arrangements may be made for online tutoring.

Michael Haynes received a BS in Physics with a concentration on theory from Stanford University. While at Stanford he began his tutoring and classroom teaching experience. Here at Ferguson Tutoring, Michael is always excited to help students at any level with physics and math, but can also tutor chemistry, biology, statistics, and computer science through the high school level.

Michael has been with Ferguson Tutoring since 2013. In his spare time Michael enjoys chess competitions, classical piano, and Russian literature.  He is excited to bring his knowledge and passions to Ferguson Tutoring students and would be delighted at the prospect of teaching chess to any interested students.

Nora Wise : Associate Tutor

Nora received a BA in English Literature from the University of Minnesota and an MA in Gifted Education from the University of St. Thomas.  She has been a freelance writer, Language Arts teacher, Gifted Ed. Coordinator, and Speech and Drama coach. She currently teaches English at Woodbury High School. At Ferguson Tutoring, Nora helps students with the ACT Writing Test, SAT English Literature Subject Test, college essays, AP Literature and Comp classwork and other Language Arts homework.

Along with keeping track of her husband, Paul, their adult kids, grandkids, and Nellie the dog, Nora loves to read, travel, do crosswords and train for sprint triathlons.

Nora Wise
Nick Zaczkowski

Nick Zaczkowski: Associate Tutor

Nick Zaczkowski is currently an undergraduate in the Honors Program at the University of Minnesota.   He received both the Bentson Family and Iron Range academic merit scholarships (2017 – 2021), and is expected to graduate in 2021 with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science.  Nick has taught math since high school, and enjoys helping students connect concepts and further their understanding.  Outside of academics, Nick is a jazz enthusiast who plays saxophone and flute.

Corey Prondzinski : Associate Tutor

Corey received his Bachelors in Mathematics Education from Winona State University and an Masters of Education from St. Mary’s University. He taught mathematics and developed the AP Statistics program at Henry Sibley High School where he has been for the last 20 years. Corey is excited to join the Ferguson Tutoring team teaching ACT Prep and tutoring Statistics and math.

When not bringing his energy and talents to Ferguson, Corey coaches tennis and basketball and spends time with his family.

David Steen, Jr.: Associate Tutor

David received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in various Research Labs, taught U of MN lab courses, and even taught swim lessons for Foss Swim School. Davis currently teaches biology courses and lab sections at the University of MN – Twin Cities.

At Ferguson Tutoring, David helps students with the Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics. Like Chris, David is uniquely qualified to pair your student’s math and science classes into one weekly 1.5-hour tutoring session so as to support both needs in fluctuating proportions.

We are excited to have David on the team!

Yongjin (James) Jiang, PhD : Associate Tutor

Yongjin got his PhD degree in physics in 2002 from Fudan University, Shanghai. His research field is theoretical condensed matter physics. After a two-year postdoc session in Tsinghua university, he become a professor at Zhejiang Normal University.  He taught physics and conducted research in the condensed matter physics frontier until 2014. His students enjoyed his classes due to his enthusiasm in teaching and explanatory skills. As a theorist, he enjoys both deep physical concepts and mathematical techniques.  Some of his scientific contributions are known to the community and he has over 800 citations (by google scholar). Now, to enrich his career experiences, Yongjin is attending the “Data visualization and analytics” bootcamp at the University of Minnesota, preparing himself to be a data scientist.  He tutors both physics and mathematics for Ferguson Tutoring.

Dr. Yongjin (James) Jiang

Office Staff

Ursula Wolf: Center Manager

Ursula began her journey with Ferguson Tutoring first as a precalculus tutoring student and then as an ACT Prep student. But, her vibrant personality, strong administrative skills, and academic excellence quickly landed her a position as a student TA and administrative staff member.

When Ursula graduated from Eden Prairie High School and moved to McGill University, she was missed. Now back for a short 1-year break, she keeps Ferguson afloat in the classroom and in the office.