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Founder and Lead Tutor

For 20 years Suzanne Ferguson has shared her love of math. Her background is equal parts theoretical mathematics and education. As a result, she is a total-package tutor, teacher, and mentor.

Much of Suzanne’s learning has focused on math. As a student of the University of Minnesota’s Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) and also of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, she spent much of her time diving into the complexities of higher-level mathematics. She is a supremely confident mathematician, but knows that not all students enjoy math or pick it up as easily as she did. That’s why her teaching background is so relevant.

Having taught and tutored both secondary and post-secondary courses, including every variant of Calculus, Suzanne is more than just an egghead for numbers. She has firsthand experience on both sides of the learning process. Her insights into education reveal the importance of patience and experience.

She has knowledge and the tools to share it. Using these two fields of expertise, Suzanne has repeatedly created successful student plans for improvement. Nowadays, she continues to offer total-package tutoring and trains her staff on how to do so as well.

In 2015 she brought her charismatic personality and vast experience to the stage to speak to 85 parents and students at Chanhassen High School. In 2016 she was invited back, this time to an audience of over 200 engaged parents and students.

In 2017, Suzy joined the English and mathematics departments of Northfield High School for a day of training and collaboration. She worked with staff to understand how to teach Suzy’s educational methods of academic performance and introspection in a classroom environment and within the constructs of the school curriculum. She then taught 3 sections of juniors an overview of her ACT Prep philosophy and gave a crash course on the Science section of the ACT.

She continues to speak to families about the importance of balanced academic preparation including skills, knowledge, emotional manipulation, and introspection.

Suzanne Ferguson, Founder and Lead tutor