"I was reminded why we chose Suzy as our tutor. My daughter was
not stressed.
She felt prepared, confident, and calm."

- Eleni Glerum, Parent

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Now that every college accepts either test, you have the ability to pick which one puts your best foot forward.

Schedule a consultation to help you decide which exam is right for you. Helping you to decide when, how, and what to prep is what we do best.

Academic tutoring

ACT Test Prep

We offer small group classes and one-on-one instruction to prepare for the ACT.

Additionally, we teach evening workshops for the ACT Writing (essay) section.

Our students are so successful after participating in our program that we feel confident that you will be, too. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete our program.

test prep

SAT/PSAT Test Prep

High school students take the PSAT in October during their Junior year.  It is used both as a practice test for the SAT and as a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Many students will decide to take the SAT if they do well on the PSAT.  Some may find they are more successful on one type of standardized test versus the other. We can help you decide before you invest your valuable time.


SAT Subject Tests & More

Many highly selective colleges require SAT Subject tests for admission.  Not only that, but you need a REALLY good score (over 700) to make it worth your while. We highly recommend advanced planning for these tests based your coursework. We can help you navigate and prepare for this.  The earlier the better!

We offer individual tutoring and consultations for the following SAT subject tests: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math, and English.

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Class Offerings

We offer classes and workshops for ACT test prep. Visit our course page for more information.


Individual tutoring rates vary based on experience: $120 for Lead tutors; $105 for Senior tutors; and $95 for Associate tutors.

ACT Info Night

Want to find out more about the ACT? When to take it? How to best prepare for it? Visit us on the first or third Monday of every month at 7pm for our ACT Info Night.


Amy Adams Martin

Minnehaha Academy Parent

My daughter has been working with Suzy Ferguson on and off for three years.  Suzy has provided enrichment for my daughter when she needed it, preparation for college entrance exams, wise counsel in academic affairs and encouragement in her myriad academic endeavors.  Suzy is smart, connected with people in our community, an ally when making academic choices, skilled at helping students perform at their peak level,  and ultimately very invested in the students she works with.  When Suzy saw my daughter's score for a college entrance exam she was so proud, so encouraging and so enthused.  She is authentically invested in my daughter.  These are the kind of adults that I want pouring into my kids - adults that are smart, connected, invested and authentically caring about their success.


Sue Luse – College Expert

College Expert - https://www.collegeexpertmn.com/

Suzy Ferguson is an experienced and professional ACT tutor that helps students reach their goal. I am delighted how fast she responds to my requests for tutors and gets our students on track.

You will succeed in achieving your goals.

We will teach you testing strategies that will help you in all your future exams.

Our test prep goes beyond the required curriculum.