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Ferguson Tutoring ranked in the top 14 Twin Cities Test Prep companies by

“Ferguson Tutoring Among Top Test Prep Tutors in Minneapolis”

We’re not sure how often you guys check local news and blog websites, but we sometimes like to go and see what’s going on in the neighborhood. As a local small business, we are also interested in what’s happening with other small businesses in the area. Do you ever do that?

If so, you might find this cool. 🙂


Expertise is a company that evaluates local businesses all over the country. Their self-proclaimed goal is “to be a hub where qualified experts can connect with people” and they were recently ranking test prep tutors in Minneapolis! The list started with all 102 tutors in, or around, the city that provide some form of test prep. It was then reduced to 25 and further reduced to a mere 14. Ferguson Tutoring was among those fourteen.

We’re very proud of the employees who keep us moving forward and the students who take our lessons to heart, improving their test scores as well as their overall well-being.

Check out the list with all fourteen selections and be sure to follow @ExpertiseHQ and @FergusonTutor on Twitter!