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Our academic tutoring program offers students one-on- one time with subject matter experts in a math,  science or English subject of their choosing.

Ongoing Growth

“Suzy took all of the complicated calculus and broke it down into little pieces that I could understand. We worked at a pace that was tailored for me, and she always made sure I understood the concept completely before moving on!”

– Katie Kennedy, Calculus tutee

When it comes to tutoring classroom subjects, the name of the game is comprehension.

What you learn today depends on an understanding of what you learned yesterday. This is especially true in math and the sciences. Academic tutoring ensures that mistakes and confusion do not compound themselves into fundamental misunderstandings that ruin report cards.

Success in the classroom is different than standardized testing because it requires constant growth. Continued learning only occurs if a student develops the personal learning techniques, study skills, and self-examination habits that we teach.

Looking Inward

“Suzy knows how to teach and explain math in such a way that my daughter truly understood the subject.”

– Kris Mandler, parent of 9th grade Geometry tutee Julia Mandler

Every student learns differently. Part of our academic tutoring process involves raising students’ awareness of the beliefs, strengths, and expectations that they hold inside. Recognizing what makes someone tick allows us to discover each student’s skills and lift them up to new heights.

In this way, introspection guides them towards the strategies that make them admirable learners. Introspection is so important to the success of our students that it forms the fifth pillar in our Whole Student Philosophy, which guides all of our student interactions.

The Total Package

Even the smartest kids in the classroom can benefit from an academic tutor, because our tutors do more than instill raw knowledge.

Our tutors are partners in your student’s learning. They strengthen your child’s sense of academic individuality and constantly reveal new ideas and perspectives. Students who come to Ferguson for academic tutoring always receive more than just a boost to their grades. Maybe that’s why so many of our high school students sign up for help with their college subjects!

The First Session

We like to think of ourselves as data collectors, and the first session is a whirlwind of questions to that end.  The first session is also your chance to get a sense of your tutor’s personality and style — and to determine if he or she is a good fit for you.

You’ll want to bring EVERYTHING you can to that first session, whether you are using it currently in your class or not. Even that textbook that you got on the first day and the teacher hasn’t had you open once yet. Here’s a short, not necessarily complete list.

  • textbook
  • syllabus
  • graded tests/quizzes
  • homework
  • notes
  • worksheets
  • calculator
  • computer/tablet – especially if your class has a page

Parents: Many parents are unsure if they should attend the first, or any for that matter, sessions.  While we do not recommend that you participate in the average session (we have a fantastic waiting and work area for you!), it is often very helpful for you to come to the first session.  We think of this process as collaborative. You know your student and your relationship with your student’s work best — so whatever the two of you decide would be the most helpful for this first session is great for us!