I'll have the Academic Rigor with a side of Confidence and Self-Awareness, please.

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“These are the kind of adults that I want pouring into my kids – adults that are smart, connected, invested, and authentically caring about their success.”

– Amy Adams Martin, parent
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Academic Tutoring

Ferguson Tutoring specializes in high school and college-level math, statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, and English. We prepare students at every level including AP, IB, and PSEO.

But tutoring isn’t just about regurgitating the curriculum in a 1-1 setting. Individual tutoring is an amazing way to solidify content and deepen understanding.

Test Prep

Because the ACT and SAT are considerably different than most other tests students experience in the classroom, they can create challenges—even for top-performing students.

Our test prep combines a complete content review of all sections with effective test-taking strategies. But we also offer something that no other test prep company does: we teach you about you.

girl student, the teacher writes on the blackboard chalk formula

Contact Us

To find out more about Ferguson Tutoring or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.  We will get back to you within one business day.

Our Tutoring Philosophy

Drilling and memorization are incomplete strategies that only take a student so far. Ferguson Tutoring’s philosophy stands on the strength of five beliefs that allows us to discover students’ skills and lift them up to new heights.

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Meet Our Tutoring Staff

Ferguson Tutoring math science English ACT tutors

Around here, you’re as likely to hear talk of integrals and inertia as anything else. Our tutors are smart and patient subject matter experts who really enjoy the material they teach. The only thing they find more exciting is watching the light bulb go on in the eyes of their students.